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Radio Rashy is on the air!!!

Big news this Christmas Eve as Misty and I unveil RADIO RASHY, the new on-line home of the Almost Live with Paul & Misty podcasts. At Radio Rashy you can hear the latest weekly podcst, listen to archived episodes and tune in for special mystery broadcasts with special guests. More new features are planned for 2011, so check in every week!

Here's the link:

Merry Christmas!
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December 25 2010, 10:13:34 UTC 7 years ago

Hi! thanks for the new podcasts.

One question: I am a big fan of your writing for DC comics. I collect your batman stuff (in trades) and intend on collecting your Zatanna comics when they are also released in trade. However I was saddened to see that STREETS OF GOTHAM is getting canceled in march. Are you done with batman for the time being? Will you still be writing Zatanna?

Oh and I would just like to say thank you for the great batman stories. I consider your run a classic and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Happy Holidays!!!
Thanks...this looks really interesting. I am looking forward to having my say!