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Halloween cartoon party

A few of my favorite creepy cartoons. Enjoy.

Donald Duck at his assholiest. A Disney classic.

Fox & Crow - not exactly a horror cartoon, but it has some freaky magic in it, and I loves me the freaky magicians.

Jasper in the Haunted House. Yeah, it's "of it's day," meaning racist, but the music and animation is great. If offended, accept my apologies and give it a pass.

UPA's "Tell-Tale Heart." Just brilliant.

Primus - The Devil Went Down To Georgia. Can't have too much Satan this time of year.

It mystifies me why H-B never sold a Mr. & Mrs. J. Evil Scientist series. Maybe because they were a too obvious rip-off of the Chas. Addams New Yorker cartoons. Anyway, as a kid I liked them. Here they are with Snagglepuss, not exactly a Halloween icon, but kinda creepy for other reasons.

Betty Boop's Halloween Party. Surprisingly, kind of tame for Betty, but still fun.

Bugs Bunny, with June Foray returning as a slightly different Witch Hazel.

Tim Burton's "Vincent." I've loved this since I first saw it, what, almost 30 years ago? Man, where does the time go?

Happy Halloween!
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