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My first issue of Detective Comics won't hit the stands until July 5th, but you can peep some of the action here first:

J. H. Williams III is doing a kick-ass job on the art. His Batman is so cool it makes me shudder. I hope you dig his treatment of the Dark Knight as much as I do. Our first issue, #821, introduces a new villain named Facade. #822 guest stars The Riddler (though NOT as a villain) and #823 features Ivy. As for future issues, well, I have to leave a few surprises, right? Maybe some crafty Canadians can wheedle more info. out of me when I appear at the Calgary Comic Book Expo. next weekend.

In other Batnews, as it's been announced by Warner Bros., I guess I can confirm the rumors are true -- Harley Quinn will be coming to THE BATMAN this fall and I've written her debut script. Congrats by the way, to THE BATMAN crew on their daytime Emmy wins this week. Alan Burnett figures he has won an Emmy for each different incarnation of Batman he's produced. The JUSTICE LEAGUE shows don't count as he didn't work on them and they weren't Batman solo series.
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