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Great Toy Store

Every now and then you look back at some treasured place from your youth and discover it either no longer exists, or worse, has been changed so thoroughly it no longer has any resemblance to what you once loved. That was almost the case with Mr. Mopps, the great Berkeley neighborhood toy store. I went to Mr. Mopps once a month when I was a kid, and every other week when I hit my 20's. By then I was working at Skywalker Ranch where my Yogi Bear-like raids on the Lucasfilm toy bays were met with curiously sour humor. Fortunately there was Mopps, just a hop across the bay to fulfill my action figure addiction. Mr. Mopps was on the way out last year, but happily rescued by a nice young couple who look like they really should be running a toy store. Next trip to the Bay Area, I am sooo there. And yes, they have an awesome kids book section.
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