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On the subject of Tower Prep...

First off, let me say how grateful I am to the hundreds of Tower Prep fans who have contacted me in the year since the series finished its original run on Cartoon Network. I'm thrilled that the show was enjoyed by so many and I also am sorry that Cartoon Network has chosen not to renew it. Many people have asked me about petitions, e-mail campaigns and the like to keep the show going. I'm not sure what attention they would be paid at this point, though of all of the options, an e-mail campaign would have the least effect. Actual posted (stamped and mailed)letters are what most networks respond to. I once heard Seth McFarlane say that after Family Guy was cancelled the first time, Fox was ready to reconsider after they received something like only 200 letters. I'm not saying the same thing could happen with Cartoon Network, but a show of letters from kid viewers, and, just as important, parents who have watched and enjoyed the show with their kids, might show the Network that the series is missed. This is especially important now that Tower Prep has started showing around the world and is making fans in Australia, Africa and South America, among other countries.

Anyway, lots of people have asked where they can send their letters, so I have included the address below. As always, the letters should be polite and never hurtful. After all, these are the nice folks who took a chance on producing the show in the first place. Let 'em know you like it, you miss it, and who knows? Let's see what happens.

Mr. Stuart Snyder
Cartoon Network
1050 Techwood Drive NW
Atlanta GA 30318

Thanks, guys. Hugs from Sr. Guapo and me.

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