April 13th, 2006


Passover thoughts

Just back from the big Passover Seder at Arleen's house. I look forward to it every year and was very excited about introducing Misty to one of my favorite celebrations.

When Misty and I set out earlier tonight, we discovered Rashy and Super Rica were already in the car, raring for matzoh and brisket. Rashy had even taken pains to disguise himself, donning a tiny white Santa beard and a Post-It on his sweater with the name "Elishua" crudely misspelled on it. "I am the prophet." He announced. "They have set a place for me, I am expected." SuperRica wore no disguise, but just the same claimed to to be Elijah's posse. We sent the Prophet and his posse to wander in the wilderness of the Jeep's back seat, promising to bring them macaroons and jelly fruit slices if they were good.

Everyone participates in Arleen's Haggadah by reading paragraphs in turn, and each time it got close to me, I'd skip a few pages ahead to check out my paragraph, desperately hoping I wouldn't have to read a long passage in Hebrew. Nothing sounds worse than hearing me trying to fumble my gentile way through a traditional Jewish blessing: "Barr-oo kaa-tash at ahh add-donny, ellen you, mel-lak ha-ho lum..." I will spare you the rest. I lucked out, getting two passages in English and an excerpt from "The Diary of Anne Frank" in my three turns to read.

After a magnificent dinner we floated blissfully back to the car only to find Rashy and S.R. passed out in back and a faint smell of Manischewitz lingering in the air. When questioned about it, Rashy would only answer "Mind your own business shegetz," so I left it at that.
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