April 14th, 2006


Her last bow

Cartoon Network is pimping the heck out of this Saturday's new Justice League Unlimited episode, "Far From Home." I wrote the script based on an outline by Dwayne MacDuffie, Dan Riba directed, and B.T. rode herd over most everything else.

Supergirl was always a favorite DCAU character for me to write. Such a little brat, but very lovable. I thought it was a very smart move on the parts of Bruce and Dwayne to add her to the expanded JLU roster. She brought a refreshing "kid sister" energy to the otherwise serious mix. I was looking through my cel collection the other day and found one from the newer Batman episodes that I had long forgotten -- Kara, in her farmer girl civvies, hanging out at Clark's apartment and acting very bored as she dutifully takes a phone message from Batman. Something about her put-upon attitude made that cel irresistible.

While "Far From Home" could have easily been a two-parter (I think only the series finale has more characters)it was lots of fun to work on and I was happy to play a hand in what amounts to Kara's defining episode. CN has posted a preview on their site and you can check it out here:

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