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Jingle change

For a variety of reasons, including scheduling delays and my own ineptitude in web design/maintenance, the new JINGLE BELLE strips will NOT be presented on the Jingle Belle website but at:

Big thanks to Ken Plume, Kevin Smith and the rest of the Quick Stop gang for including Jing in this year's Holiday Havoc. And of course, an extra dip in Santa's goodie bag for Stephanie Gladden for her mad cartooning chops.

The first strip is up now, the next one, fittingly a Christmas Eve story, goes up next Thursday. After that, we'll be back in early '10 with more winter fun.

After that, Steph and I may showcase other characters from the Jingle/Dinicartoons world - Ida Red, Polly the witch, Super Rica and Rashy...

Any suggestions?
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